Happy Chinese New Year Vancouver

Happy Chinese New Year Vancouver: We are a locally family owned and operated locksmith business that has been running over 25 years. We provide professional locksmithing & security services in New Westminster BC. Locked Out? Need Keys? Call Mr. Locksmith New Westminster. Visit Mr. Locksmith YouTube with 100,000+ Subscribers: http://www.youtube.com/user/24hrMrLocksmith Gong hei fat choy (恭喜发财) Xīnnián […]

2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition

2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition: In 1992, AM General began selling a civilian version of the M998 Humvee vehicle to the public under the brand name “Hummer”. The first two Hummer H1s to be sold were purchased by Schwarzenegger. 2000 Hummer H1 Broken Ignition Question: Why does the GM produced H1 Hummer us a Ford […]

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver

Milwaukee PACKOUT 3 Drawer Toolbox | Mr. Locksmith™ Vancouver: The Milwaukee Modular Storage System is a durable storage system. The PACKOUT 3-Drawer Tool Box has a 50lbs weight capacity and a locking security bar allows you to padlock the drawers closed keeping them securely shut during transport. Milwaukee Drawer Toolbox Mr. Locksmith Vancouver: (604) 262-1907 […]

How to Replace Lexus Remote Battery

How to Replace Lexus Remote Battery Vancouver: Lexus proximity key and the replacement battery on this one is a Sony CR1632 Mr. Locksmith Automotive : (604) 259-7617 How to Replace Lexus Remote Battery This is a Lexus proximity key. And to replace the battery basically, you got to just slide that over. So, that’s the […]

Triton Key Machine: How To Engrave A Key

Triton Key Machine: How To Engrave A Key Triton Key Machine. The Triton by Lock Labs is an all-in-one key cutting machine with the ability to generate & duplicate keys. From automotive to residential, tibbe to tubular and even key engraving. Controlled by a 7” touchscreen, the Triton provides step-by-step guidance throughout each of its […]

How To Install Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt

How To Install Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt: Installing a Lori deadbolt. The Lori Deadbolt can be  a little bit confusing, because most deadbolts have the screws on the inside, so it’s pretty easy to figure out how to remove it, its double cylinders are a little different, so most of our Kwikset, Weiser, and Schlage […]

Bear Proof Bins | Man vs Bear

Bear Proof Bins | Man vs Bear: Designing a Security System is similar to building a Bear Proof Bin, You have to keep out the smartest bears yet still let the dumbest Humans be able to open it.   Bear Proof Bins | Man vs Bear This is a bear-resistant garbage bin. When I’m camping, […]

Door Reinforcement Schlage Deadbolt Lock

Door Reinforcement Schlage Deadbolt Lock: The Mr. Locksmith “Vancouver Special” is a Schlage heavy-duty, commercial-grade deadbolt or High-Security Abloy of Schlage Primus Deadbolt. It could be the high-security, pick-resistant lock or the 600 series Schlage. Reinforce Door Schlage Deadbolt Installation Go to http://www.mrlocksmith.com to learn more. We have so many break-ins in Vancouver and the […]

Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock

Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock: One of my favorite Deadbolt Locks and one of the most popular and versatile deadbolts we sell is the Schlage B660. The Schlage 66o is a Commerical Grade Deadbolt but looks fantastic on Residential Door. The Schlage Deadbolt is very versatile because we can change the cylinder to almost any […]

How To Fix a Sticky Lock | Mr. Locksmith Vancouver

How to Fix a Sticky Lock: If you have a sticky lock, whether it’s on your house, your business, a padlock, or your car door, a car ignition is different, if you have a sticky lock, there is a couple of solutions you can do. Never, never put oil, or linseed oil, or motor oil, […]