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Commercial Locksmith Vancouver. If you need a commercial locksmith, give us a call at Mr. Locksmith. Our locksmiths are fully insured. They are BC  government licensed. All our Locksmiths have their criminal records checks, and fully trained. We service all major brands of locks, and a lot of electronic locks now. We’re installing many commercial buildings with access control systems. We have some good quality products that fit almost any budget. The electronic keyless entry locks are really good for access, to control who comes in. And some of them have an automatic feature, where the electronic lock will unlock at a certain time and lock at a certain time. If you want to do a master key system, we can design a very simple system where one key fits all the locks, to individual keys per office or per section, if you have a warehouse section, an office section. Also, just because you want a master key system, we can still have some locks. Like human resources, a lot of time, they don’t want anybody’s key but their own. So we can take off certain areas that will not have a master key system. So you can still have a master key system for the whole building. But we have certain doors we can not have on the system. So it’s really, for master keying your commercial business, it’s just limited by your imagination. We can design any system you want, basically. And we can do a combination of keyed and keyless systems in your access control system.

So commercial locksmithing, it ranges all over the map, from warehouses to your store. Just give us a call and we will help you figure out your security requirements. If you’re locked out or have had a break-in, or wanna prevent a break-in, we can reduce the chances you get broken into. So we can look at your building. You know what works out really well right now, is just send me a picture, you know? Give me a call. I’ll give you my cell phone number. Send me pictures to your building or your door. And we can look at what you have, and give you ideas right over the phone, and also give you sometimes an exact quote on what it’s gonna cost you to upgrade your security. If you need a commercial locksmith for your business, warehouse, office, manufacturing plant or just your home, give Mr. Locksmith a call.

Commercial Locksmith Vancouver

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Commercial Locksmith Services Vancouver

Commercial Locksmith Vancouver is an area that is substantially different from residential locksmithing. This is because the locking hardware, being used to protect businesses and commercial properties, consists of a higher quality and needs to adhere to different government standards.

There are a number of reasons why the hardware used in commercial properties needs to be different than the hardware used in homes. Some of the reasons are:

  • Higher traffic means the locking hardware is used more often. The locks, keys and doors need to be designed to last long under commercial circumstances.
  • Insurance requirements – Business insurance companies requires businesses to have a high security UL rating for all locks.
  • Fire code requirementsThe primary purpose of fire code for businesses is to protect lives. A typical requirement for a commercial property is to install opening devices which have been designed to be easy to use, even in the dark.
  • Privacy protection requirements – Businesses need to maintain sensitive client and internal company information with the highest security possible.

We offer complete packages to meet all your commercial needs. Our mobile technicians are highly experienced in installing, replacing and repairing commercial graded products. We carry a wide selection of commercial products to assist companies in meeting their needs.

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Security Lock Installation

High traffic that companies experience during the day, and with nobody on the premises at night, it’s important to have the best security possible. We’ll assess your business premises and advice you on the locks that best suit your commercial situation. Most businesses require UL rated locks which are rated as pick resistant, drill resistance and have high durability.

We offer top of the line commercial products, which include:

  • Full length security plates, wraparound plates and commercial quality deadbolts and door guards.
  • Locks that rated high security. Corporate theft often comes from internal contacts. Upgrading to business level security locks, with keyway systems that offer exclusivity, means your locks may only be accessed by you, and duplicate keys cannot be made, except by yourself.

Master key systems

Master keys offer a variety of advantages for business owners. A master key, which only you have, allows access to all building locks. Employees then may use sub-master keys. This allows you complete control, is easy to accomplish and it can accommodate any business expansion in the future.

Panic Hardware

Panic hardware is a lock fitted with a long bar, which is placed horizontally across the inside of a door. Pressure on the bar will release the lock. This type of lock is normally used in theaters, schools, and other public buildings. Panic hardware is designed for easy accessibility during emergency situations.

Panic hardware installation is typically a requirement of the fire codes. If you have received a notice of non-compliance from your local fire department, we will assist you with installation of the appropriate UL listed panic hardware to meet the necessary codes.

Repairing Commercial Locks

With a high traffic business, your locks will over time, see a higher level of wear and tear on locks that are:

  • Furniture locks,
  • Door locks, and
  • Entrance locks
Commercial Locksmith Vancouver

Commercial Locksmith Vancouver

Our professional licensed locksmiths will be happy to assess and review all locks on your premises, and advise you of where there may be weaknesses in your commercial property.

Top of the Line Products

Commercial hardware for your building that’s available in today’s marketplace includes:

  • Adams-Rite, Sargent , Assa-Abloy and Yale system locks.
  • Products that allow full access control. These include Sleaige, Kabba and Unican.
  • Panic hardware for ultimate protection.
  • Top of the line security products from name brand companies.
  • Complete master key systems.
  • Systems for full access control.
  • Handicap systems allowing automatic controls.
  • Door closers.
  • High grade locks, panic hardware and passage-sets.


Is Your Business Location Secure?

We’ll give you a security evaluation of your entire commercial premises. Our professionally trained technicians are qualified to give you a complete assessment of your current security, and offer you the most comprehensive recommendations for improvements.

Our goal is to make your business difficult to access. We’ll guarantee you’re satisfied, and offer different solutions to meet your business needs.


Call Us Right Away for Professional Locksmithing & Security Services in Vancouver British Columbia!


Our team of licensed locksmiths are experts at securing commercial properties.  We are here to care as much about your security as you do about your business’ sales.  From small businesses to large businesses, we are here to ensure the security of your property, products & people. If you take business security seriously (like we do) you’ll give us a call.

If you’re Vancouver, BC company that requires high security locks & cylinders, digital alarm systems, master keys and master key systems, Von Duprin panic hardware, or any other commercial security solutions, you have come to the right place.

We’re able to perform an in-depth security profile on your business.  This detailed security profile will identify your weak & strong security points and will offer solutions for increasing the security of your property.

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