How To Install Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt

How To Install Lori Single Cylinder Deadbolt: Installing a Lori deadbolt. The Lori Deadbolt can be  a little bit confusing, because most deadbolts have the screws on the inside, so it’s pretty easy to figure out how to remove it, its double cylinders are a little different, so most of our Kwikset, Weiser, and Schlage […]

Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock

Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock: One of my favorite Deadbolt Locks and one of the most popular and versatile deadbolts we sell is the Schlage B660. The Schlage 66o is a Commerical Grade Deadbolt but looks fantastic on Residential Door. The Schlage Deadbolt is very versatile because we can change the cylinder to almost any […]