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3 Tips to Fix a Sticky Lock

3 Tips to Fix a Sticky Lock

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A new key that doesn’t glide or always gets stuck can be a hassle. Before you go through the trouble of changing your locks or getting a new key, here are some tips to get your lock working without busting your budget.

Image Source: Flickr
Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips to fix sticky locks:

Use the Right Product
Resorting to spraying vegetable oil, WD-40, sewing machine oil, or similar products in the keyhole is a fairly common fix. The problem, however, is that oil or grease will eventually make the sticking lock worse. This is because the oil or grease provides an ideal attractant for dust particles and dirt, which will start layering on top. Instead, purchase graphite. Source: wikiHow

Obtain Powdered Graphite
Grasp the doorknob with one hand and turn it to retract the latch. Insert the tip of your powdered graphite tube into the opening around the latch and inject a few puffs of graphite. Turn the knob a few times so the graphite can lubricate the area around the latch. Source: SFGate

Test the Lock
Test the lock by turning the knob and locking the lock. If the lock doesn’t work smoothly, loosen the screws, realign the cylinder and latchbolt, and try again. You can lubricate deadbolts the same way. Remove the connecting screws, the faceplate screws, and then the knobs. Next, pull out the latchbolt assembly and clean and lubricate the lock as just described. To reassemble the lock, reverse the procedure. Source: Dummies

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Key Sticking in Lock

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How to Fix a Sticky lock Vancouver
How to Fix a Sticky lock Vancouver





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